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Presentation order

Team Schedule UNESCO Hackathon


15:10 WeatherGuru

15:14 Sentosa

15:18 "JS"DOIT!

15:22 CoCo Team

15:26 SVM

15:30 ); DROP TABLE teams; --

15:34 Team Restro

15:38 Environmental Value*

15:42 TeamSaveMekong

15:46 Paxs

15:50 Team Mendon

15:54 Bug Life

15:58 Apple Pie

16:02 INFIt

over 5 years ago

Join the UNESCO Hackathon at the FOSSASIA Summit in Singapore

Join the UNESCO Open Data Hackathon at the FOSSASIA Summit, create open source apps and games that tackle climate change, environment and sustainable development challenges, and win awesome prizes! The hackathon takes place from Saturday 24 March to Sunday 25 March 2018 at the Lifelong Learning Institute in Singapore.

We are specifically interested in applications and games that set an example for others who could replicate solutions in other countries, and in particular in the Mekong countries, to tackle the sustainable development challenges. It is our goal to engage the developer community to develop innovative applications in open source

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